NEXUS is a managed wiring concept which brings power and communication services to individual workstations via an overhead ceiling bandraster grid. NEXUS van be used in combination with a variety of ceiling systems. In combination with TILUX tiles, this ceiling can act as a climate ceiling (cooling and heating) when combined aluminium profiles and bent copper elements are connected and assembled in the Nexus-Tilux tiles.

Features Nexus-Tilux

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Flexible workstation layout
  • Full integration of cabling and appliances
  • Beams support panels, lights and services
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Durable, washable, smooth polyester coating

Profile sizes


Width: 100 mm, Height: 36 mm


Width: 400 / 600 mm, Height: 38 mm, Length: 1270 / 1720 mm

600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm

Available in RAL9010


2.4 mm in line - distance 5 mm, open area 18%.
Other perforation patterns subject to minimum order quantity


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