LinusTM is a linear ceiling system that creates a unique room atmosphere. Baffle spacing is flexible and selected by the designer to create the desired view of the exposed plenum space. Created for indoor commercial applications, this system can be used for large plenary surfaces as well as corridors or hallways. Due to its excellent thermal exchange properties, Linus is a perfect solution for spaces with concrete core activation.

Features Linus

  • Clean, linear ceiling layout.
  • Easy access to plenum space
  • Excellent thermal exchange properties
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Flexible baffle spacing allows creation of open or closed visual experience
  • Panels are made from durable aluminium or steel and are fully recyclable
  • Durable, washable, smooth polyester coating.
  • Special design requirement cans be met.

Profile sizes

Linus can be made in a maximum width of 24 mm and maximum height of 80 mm

Standard finish: stove enamel polyester paint in matt, semi gloss or full gloss.
A wide variety of colors and special finishes can be supplied (subject to minimum order quantity). Please contact our sales office for any further information.

Standard perforation ceilingpanel


2mm diameter holes on
diagonal grid. 15% open area.

perforatio-micro ceilingpanel


1.3mm diameter holes on
diagonal grid. 22% open area.


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